The Medieval Household

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The Medieval Household

This bookbrings together for the first time the astonishing diversity of excavatedfurnishings and artefacts from medieval London homes. These include roofing andother structural items, decorative fixtures and fittings, and assortment ofculinary utensils, writing instruments, and toys and weights. Illustrating some1,000 items, the catalogue provides a fascinating account of how metalwork andglassware manufacturing trends changed during the period covered, while closedating of many of the finds has resulted in many new insights into life at thetime.


It ispossible, using this catalogue of finds, to consider new insights into life inmedieval Britain during this period and, as such, this volume is ideal foranyone with an academic interest in the period historically orarchaeologically. [...] It is a fascinating insight into a very small butsignificant period of British history and a volume which as part of a widerseries nonetheless stands well on its own as an individual work of reference. REFERENCEREVIEWS

This secondedition is testament to the thorough research that underpinned the original. MEDIEVALARCHAEOLOGY

Illustratesand explains an astounding diversity of excavated furnishings and artefactsfrom medieval London homes. [...] It is possible, using this catalogue offinds, to consider new insights into life in medieval Britain during thisperiod and, as such, this volume is ideal for anyone with an academic interestin the period historically or archaeologically. REFERENCE REVIEWS

These findsgive us a marvellous picture of London life in the later middle ages. [...] Forhistorians and archaeologists alike, this catalogue provides a wealth ofprimary material for further analysis. The introductory essays and commentarieson individual categories and pieces are excellent. THE MEDIEVAL REVIEW


(reviewedtogether with 'Pilgrim Souvenirs') Republication of two volumes from theessential Medieval Finds from Excavations in London series, both from 1998, isvery welcome. Print quality is excellent, and Boydell has hardbacked them, wisefor reference books guaranteed a long life. BRITISH ARCHAEOLOGY

FirstPublished: 20 May 2010

13 DigitISBN: 9781843835431

Pages: 364

Size: 24.6 x 18.6


Imprint:Boydell Press

Subject:Medieval History


L'avis d'Historical Fabrics : Un livre extrêment intéressant pour tous ceux qui veulent en savoir plus sur les objets du quotidien à la fin du Moyen-âge.

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