Medieval Dress and Textiles in Britain

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Medieval Dress and Textiles in Britain

Texts (withmodern English translation) offering insights into the place of cloth andclothing in everyday life are presented here. Covering a wide range of genres,they include documents from the royal wardrobe accounts and petitions to king andParliament, previously available only in manuscript form. The accounts detailroyal expenditure on fabrics and garments, while the petitions demand therestoration of livery, for example, or protest about the need for winterclothing for children who are wards of the king. In addition, the volumeincludes extracts from wills, inventories and rolls of livery, sumptuary laws,moral and satirical works condemning contemporary fashions, an Old Englishepic, and English and French romances. The texts themselves are in Old andMiddle English, Latin and Anglo-Norman French, with some of the documentsswitching between more than one of these languages. They are presented withintroduction, glossary and detailed notes.


Louise M. Sylvester is Reader in English Language at theUniversity of Westminster; Mark Chambers is a Post-Doctoral Research Associateat Durham University; Gale R. Owen-Crocker is Professor of Anglo-Saxon Cultureat the University of Manchester.

Published:16 Oct 2014

13 DigitISBN: 9781843839323

Pages: 432

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Imprint:Boydell Press

Series:Medieval and Renaissance Clothing and Textiles

Subject:Medieval History


L'avis d'Historical Fabrics : Un véritable must-have fruit du trvail et de la collaboration de spécialiste européens du textile et du costume.

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