Fashion in the Age of the Black Prince

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Fashion in the Age of the Black Prince

1340 to 1363 were years remarkable for dramatic developments in fashion and for extravagant spending on costume, foreshadowing the later luxury of Richard II'scourt. Stella Mary Newton broke new ground with this detailed study, whichdiscusses fourteenth-century costume in detail. She draws on surviving accountsfrom the Royal courts, the evidence of chronicles and poetry (often fromunpublished manuscripts), and representations in painting, sculpture andmanuscript illumination. Her exploration of aspects of chivalry, particularlythe choice of mottoes and devices worn at tournaments, and of the exchange ofgifts of clothing between reigning monarchs, offers new insights into thesocial history of the times, and she has much to say that is relevant to thestudy of illuminated manuscripts of the fourteenth century.

STELLA MARYNEWTON's lifelong interest in costume has been the mainspring of her work, fromearly days as a stage and costume designer (including designing the costumesfor the first production of T.S. Eliot's Murder in the Cathedral) to her laterwork at the National Gallery advising on the implications of costume for thepurpose of dating, and at the Courtauld Institute where she set up thedepartment for the study of the history of dress.

FirstPublished: 01 Jan 1980

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L'avis d'Historical Fabrics : un ouvrage intéressant sur une période charnière du 14ème siècle.

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